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The check is carried out on the basis of temporary (10-minute) mails

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API: Check Domain/Email mailbox address

Method: GET
Example request:

Parameters of request

Parameter Description
data Domain or full Email address
ip Optional parameter. The IP address of the client that sends the request to your resource is required for a more detailed display of statistics

Headers of request

Header Description
Authorization Bearer authentication, your unique JWT token, which is an API key, you can get by Registering in your Personal Account

What we do is a service for checking mail domains and addresses of temporary e-mail boxes, which allows you to get up-to-date information about the presence of email addresses and domains in the database of temporary mail domains. The database of domains contains the most up-to-date, extended list of temporary mailboxes, which are used for quick, short-term registration, which leads to the filling of the user base with ineffective, irrelevant temporary mailboxes. To check a mailing address for its presence in the spam databases of temporary, 10-minute email addresses, we use a unique technology that allows us to track the mailbox / domain and identify it as SPAM or tempmail, while excluding all checked and reliable email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex and others ...

Unique Lists

We have collected domains of both temporary mails and trust services from a million registrations around the world, which makes our database the most complete in the world

Deep Scan

Each undefined domain is analyzed and redefined in a matter of minutes, ensuring that it is identified on subsequent requests

Login Help

Thanks to our service, you can easily indicate to the client of your service a typo when entering your mail, which will significantly increase the number of confirmed registrations

Quality of registrations

Undoubtedly, if your service provides a trial period on the basis of registration rights, people are expected to register from temporary mail services. Our task is to prevent this

Declared war on 10-minute mails

The mission of our company is the complete elimination of temporary mail services, we believe in ourselves! Join us, together we are strong!


We collect interesting infographics, the main indicators of the most intimate - registration of your customers, something but this is really the main indicator of the effectiveness of your marketing

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